Muddy liquid from yellow till brown color. Weak opalescence is allowed.

Product Description

Structure summury:

Mix of imidazolines and amidoamin of the highest fatty acids in spirit solvent.


for protection against corrosion of metal surfaces of the oil-field equipment and pipelines at production and transportation of oil.

Physical and chemical properties:

    • density at 20 0C, not higher than 900 kg/m3;
    • freezing point: minus 30° C;
    • mass fraction not of volatiles not less than 25%.

Special feature:

Depending on concentration of initial components is issued two brands: IC-1T; IC-1K (the concentrated structure intended for preparation of compositions of inhibitors of corrosion.

Handling and storage:

The railway and motor transport in the covered vehicles according to the rules of transportation existing on this type of transport.

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