The VI-ENERGY specialization is leading science-intensive research for development and implementation of complex physico-chemical methods of IOR.

Vision and mission statement

The primary objective is development and implementation of the newest physico-chemical methods of reservoir stimulation for the purpose of an IOP and EOR.

The main task is increment quality of technological solutions focused on reaching of maximum efficiency from IOP and EOR methods.

VI-ENERGY provide services in R&D and oilfield engineering service for the most effective IOP and EOR technologies development and implementation.

VI-ENERGY has the qualified specialists and researchers for carrying out scientific research (analysis, lab tests, stand tests) oilfield tests and oilfield engineering service for application of innovative technologies.

Chemical analytical laboratory allows solve the surgical issues for adapting of chemicals to geological-minerological reservoir properties and physico-chemical properties of reservoir system.

VI-ENERGY put an emphasis on evaluated of the innovative technologies field tests. After the field tests provides monitoring of operation of treated wells. Finally the calculations of technological and economic efficiency carrying out.

Systematization and analyse of R&D results allows on a regular basis improving applying technological schemes, technologies for stimulation reservoirs with different type of rocks and increase of economic efficiency of complex methods.

Environmental management and safety

VI-ENERGY on a regular basis improving the safe system of work. Systematically leads staff training and put a special emphasis on environmental management and safety. For discharge of duties VI-ENERGY put

For discharge of duties VI-ENERGY put a special emphasis on:

  • providing staff with modern personal protection equipment;
  • use in technological processes of the equipment approved to application and certified;
  • certification of workplaces and creation of the safest working conditions;
  • application of ecologically safe technologies which aren’t doing harm to environment.

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